Rhythmicity in Primary Schools
Rhythmicity is defined as “the state of being rhythmic or responding rhythmically”, and that’s what we set out to achieve for every child in every workshop.
We give the children opportunities to engage with rhythms, instruments and each other. Each child functions at their own level and moves forward at his/her own pace in a workshop guided by a skilled, experienced facilitator.
In our work the children learn that their natural energy and enthusiasm needs to be merged with the rest of the group. Their self-expression must become part of the group – but still retain its individuality.
In terms of teaching and learning the child learns how positive this energy is, but how much more useful it is when combined with control and co-operation.
What other teachers have said…
“The children and staff all said it was “fantastic”.
So a huge thank you.”
Paula Summerbridge
Brockwell Junior School

“A thoroughly enjoyable day for both staff and students. I really liked the emphasis on co-operation and working together as a team. You organised the provision of instruments very well so that everyone felt included, and there was a good range.”
Angela Davies
Deputy Headteacher, High Meadow Infant School
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